Receive help fast.

What Is Considered an Emergency?

Emergencies in our industry include a tunnel collapsing and shutting down rail traffic, a train derailing and damaging a tunnel or bridge, and losing tracks due to a sudden slope failure. At LRL Construction, we have built a solid reputation as an emergency responder to natural and manmade distractions for almost any type of construction emergency nationwide, and we are here to provide you with the prompt emergency response services you need.

We assist our clients by performing a quick response and full assessment of the damage. In general, you can expect a response within four hours to one day’s time, depending on the location and nature of the emergency.


Benefits of Our Emergency Response Services

  • Get speedy, quality service when you need it.
  • Pay a competitive rate for tunnel services of all kinds.
  • Talk to an industry expert who has seen it all.

Call Our Emergency Response Team Today


If you’re facing a fire or other emergency, don’t wait to call an expert. Get in touch with LRL Construction now to take advantage of our emergency response services. We’re here to help you out.


Why Us?

Most clients who call about our emergency response services ask if we handle a specific type of emergency and how quickly we can begin mobilization. Almost always, our answer is, “Yes, we can! We will get a representative on-site immediately to help you!”

We have an engineer on staff who has dealt with all types of emergency response problems for over 30 years. That means that if you have an emergency on your hands, we’ve probably dealt with something similar before, and we’ll know just what to do to get things up and running again.