Fight back against erosion.

What Is Slope Stabilization?

If a slope shows any signs of instability (e.g., cracks or weathering), slope stabilization is your best move. This method helps decrease the chance of further movement on a slope and enhances its overall safety. At LRL Construction, we strive to get the slope up to par so that it’s safe for all to travel around its vicinity.


Benefits of Slope Stabilization

  • Lower the chance of erosion.
  • Install quickly using our cutting-edge slope stabilization equipment.
  • Allow for a greater weight load for slopes across the U.S.
  • Promote proper drainage.


Different Slope Stabilization Methods

Our team has experience in all types of slope stability repairs and techniques. These include:

Driven Cantilever Piling

Typically, these elements are driven along the top of the problematic slope. They usually consist of H-piles installed vertically or on a battered inclination to serve as “shear pins” through the failure surface of the slide mass. If an additional shoulder is required, lagging can be installed within the upper few feet to help hold this material in place.

Drilled and Socketed Piling

This system is very similar to driven piling except that the piling is inserted into a drilled hole through the soil and preferably into bedrock. The depth of the socket into the bedrock depends on the rock quality, pile size, pile type, and slide mass driving force. Once installed, the remaining drill hole is filled with grout.

Soldier Pile With Tie-Back Anchors

Repairs of this type are often required when the size of the slide mass is large or when a relatively high factor of safety is warranted. This consists of a row of piling (driven or drilled) with lagging (timber, concrete, or steel) and typically includes a waler installed along the down-slope face. Tie-back anchors (tendons or bars) are then drilled within the bays of the wall (between piling) and drilled into competent rock. The anchor depth or length is a function of the required “bond” length.

Get in Touch With a Slope Stabilization Company Near Me


LRL Construction is a leader in slope stabilization services in the U.S. and we’re ready to help. Give us a call at your earliest convenience for all your repair and installation needs.


Why Call LRL Construction?

At LRL Construction, we can obtain the required equipment and material to fit the recommended repair design for any type of site setting. We also offer decades of experience and a long list of specialty drilling equipment, grouting equipment, and other equipment key to slope stabilization operations. These include but are not limited to the following:
  • Wolf MGW 5000 Air-Powered Jumbo Rock Drill
  • Jumbo Drill
  • Word Rotary MO57 Rotary Drill
  • Wagon Drill
  • 10-Foot-Long Drilling Tools With Carbide Drill Bits
  • 750 CFM Air Compressors
  • CG-030 Piston Grout Pump
  • Portable Water Tanks
  • 245 John Deere Railavator
  • 3-Way Hi-Rail Dump Trucks
  • Jack-n-Bore Drilling (48” to 72”) Capacity
  • 60-Foot-Long Flat Cars
  • Enerpac Hydraulic Testing Ram
  • 25kw Generators
  • Cemen Tech Volumetric Mixer (Batch Plant)
  • Schwing SP500 Concrete Pump
  • Man Lift 45’ Snorkel
  • 375 CFM Air Compressor