Jack-n-Bore Method

Jack-n-Bore Method also knowns as “Auger Boring” is the process of forming a horizontal bore by jacking the steel casing through the earth from one side of the site to the other side.

Jack-n-Bore Method

The starting point and ending point could be from vertical pits, toes of embankments, or combination of either. Spoil is removed from inside the encasement by means of a rotating auger. These rotating augers carry the spoil back through the casing pipe to the main auger machine for removal. The jack-n-bore machine, also knowns as an “Auger Boring Machine” (ABM) bores through soil and/or rock with a cutting head attached to the ‘lead’ auger to install the proposed pipe.

While this is an established and cost-effective method, one of the limitations with jack-n-bore has been accuracy constraints. However, new technology has made a major impact on jack-n-boring, which provides more precise bores to expand its abilities.

Auger Boring

Benefits of Jack-n-Bore

  • Timeless application that creates extremely stable bores
  • Simple, effective method with a high success rate
  • Little to no disruption to surface, buildings, rail, or traffic
  • Safe, fast method with low operating costs.

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