We will remove all dangerous loose material.

What Is Rockfall Mitigation?

Rockfall mitigation is taking the precautions needed to prevent rock and other types of loose material from falling off of slopes and onto transportation (roads, highways, and walkways). To mitigate rockfall, LRL Construction scales down and removes any rock that could create a safety hazard.

We utilize crane-hoisted man baskets to get a close look at the rock and then crane-supported drills to install an array of rock bolts. Galvanized steel mesh is attached to the bolts in some areas to retain smaller surface rocks.


Rockfall Mitigation Methods

We utilize the following methods of rockfall mitigation:


This is the process of removing trees, brush, and loose rocks from the existing slope. Scaling can be performed either by hand or by a mechanical method.

Rockfall Mesh

Rockfall mesh is a double-twisted wire mesh that’s draped over and anchored to the slope. It’s normally used on hillsides with smaller loose rocks and in conjunction with cable netting to retain debris as it rolls to the foothills.

Rockfall Netting

Like rockfall mesh, rockfall netting is draped over and anchored to the slope. This welded wire mesh is typically used on hillsides with larger loose rocks to help control debris as it dislodges to the bottom of the hill.

Shotcrete and Rock Bolts

To bring the rock mass together and fill in any gaps, we spray shotcrete onto the surface. Shotcrete is a concrete material applied with a small aggregate onto a slope. We also install rock bolts within the large rock mass to assist in locking the loose rock together with the more competent underlying bedrock.


Benefits of Rockfall Mitigation

  • Access hard-to-reach slopes and other areas with loose rock materials.
  • Decrease the chance of injury from unstable rocks.
  • Lower the amount of debris on major transportation routes, which could pose a safety hazard.


Rockfall Mitigation Process

The first thing we’ll do is evaluate the slope from below to assess safety hazards. An example is large rocks coming down onto the railroad track. We’ll then determine how to protect the tracks, road, and walking trails from any falling rocks. Next, we’ll lay out mats to take the brunt of the falling debris. Finally, we’ll work our way down the slope or scale off-rope to remove large rocks. If it’s a larger rock that’s not accessible by hand, we have the equipment to take care of that from the ground surface.

Work With One of the Top Rockfall Mitigation Companies


LRL Construction is an award-winning construction company that is happy to help with all of your rockfall mitigation needs. While the size of slope and rock quality (e.g., loose rocks) can affect the time it takes to mitigate the slope, one thing is for sure: we work fast, and we work safely. Staying within a work window is no problem with the LRL Construction team. Contact us today to get your rockfall mitigation services moving.


Why Is LRL Construction Right for You?

At LRL Construction, we’re trained and qualified to perform rockfall mitigation services in any setting–from 20 feet to 200 feet high. We have decades of on-the-job experience in this arena and can help you anywhere in the U.S. We also have crews on both the East and West Coasts who can be there in a jiffy. If you’re curious about whether rock mitigation can be done on a certain slope and in a certain timeframe, don’t be. We can operate within a work window thanks to our cutting-edge mobilization technology.