Mitchell Point was the site of an iconic tunnel with its five arched windows overlooking the Columbia River. Constructed in 1915, the tunnel was closed in 1953 because it could no longer accommodate high traffic volumes and car sizes. It was destroyed in 1966 to widen the water-level highway, now Interstate 84. The historic tunnel was 390-feet long. Mitchell Point is a formidable mountain that requires a new crossing to connect the western segments of State Trail to Hood River and The Dalles.

The overall proposed work to be performed for the entire project would consist of pedestrian trail reconstruction, structures, stone masonry walls, draped rockfall protection fencing, drill and blast of new tunnel, traffic control, etc. The total project length was approximately 1.45 miles and was located between Cascade Locks and Hood River, Oregon.

The proposed draped rockfall protection consisted of furnishing and installing pre-stained draped rockfall protection (wire mesh), including all anchors and wire rope supports at the locations indicated in the Construction Plans or as directed by the on-site representative. LRL supplied all materials, equipment, and labor necessary to install the proposed 630 square yards of draped rockfall protection fencing in accordance with the Special Contract Requirements and as indicated in the Construction Plans.

The draped rockfall protection fabric panels were attached to the top support rope using ¼-inch diameter lacing wire rope that was threaded through each mesh opening as detailed on the Plans. We overlapped adjacent draped rockfall protection fabric panels at least 3 inches to provide a minimum one mesh opening overlap between panels or connect adjacent panels in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Laced or fastened internal side seams vertically and horizontally to an adjacent panel using a ¼-inch diameter lacing wire rope or high tensile strength fastener, respectively.

This work was performed on schedule and in budget.


Columbia River, OR