The existing bridge structure consisted of a timber bridge approximately 75 feet long with four timber bents. In mid-2021, the bridge was destroyed by a fire. In order for the railroad to maintain current on-time delivery for their customers, they decided to remove the damaged bridge components and backfill with surrounding material.

LRL was contacted in the spring of 2022 to perform an emergency jack-n-bore repair. This consisted of hauling previously purchased 60-inch diameter steel casing pipe (SSP) from their Roseville, California Rail Yard to the current project location. LRL then proceeded to construct a jacking platform approximately 50 feet wide and 38 feet long at the upstream side of the current embankment fill. Four 60-inch diameter SSP were installed through the embankment fill during live track. A total of 360-feet of SSP was installed, with a headwall at each end of the culvert. During construction, potholing was performed to locate current utility lines along the downstream side.

While on-site LRL assisted the railroad in final removal and disposal of damaged bridge components and transported unused 60-inch diameter corrugated metal pipes to Tucson, Arizona.

The project was completed on schedule and in budget.